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How to Plan a Wedding in 10 Simple Steps

Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be as exhausting and overwhelming as it sounds. Whether you’re getting married in 6 months or one year, this short-and-sweet guide will walk you through all of the necessary steps to planning a wedding.

First and foremost, you’re going to want to stick within a budget. Having a clear view of your spending limits before committing to a venue, dress, or photographer, is essential in the wedding planning process. Be sure to sit down with your parents and other financial contributors to figure out the total budget, then plan accordingly.

how to plan a wedding
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Step 1: Start your guest list & wedding party list.

Do you want a big wedding or a small one? Do you come from a large family? How many people are going to be in your wedding party? These questions are important to know later on when hiring wedding vendors or booking a venue to host your guests at.

Step 2: Reserve your venue and choose a date.

Before you can even think about setting a date, your venue needs to be reserved. As most popular venues book up fairly quickly, you will want to make sure that your preferred wedding date is available first. Before making a final decision, read reviews and go on a tour of the venue beforehand. Once you book your venue, your wedding date is officially set!

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Step 3: Start researching vendors.

Vendors play a key role in your wedding, which is why it’s important to do your reseach and get the highest-rated vendors within your budget. Since you will be spending a majority of your day with these people, make sure that you get along well and share similar views.

Step 4: Send out save-the-date cards.

About six months before the wedding, you’re going to want to send out a reminder to guests to save your wedding date, so that they can mark their calendars accordingly. Invitations are sent seperately as your wedding draws closer, generally 6-8 weeks before the wedding.

Step 5: Attend showers, engagement and bach parties.

Now is the time to take a break from all of the wedding planning to enjoy a night out with your favorite people. As the guest of honor, it’s your job to have fun, enjoy yourself, and relieve some of that wedding planning stress!

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Step 6: Purchase wedding attire, accessories, and rings.

As a bride, you’re going to want to get a head start on getting your dress ordered, which can take up to 9 months to arrive. Bridesmaids dresses won’t take as long, but it’s best to get them ordered about 6 months before the wedding. Generally, the tuxes are the last to be ordered.

Step 7: Create a gift registry and launch a wedding blog.

Your loved ones are going to want to shower your with gifts on your wedding day, so be sure to register with at least 3 retailers. If you’re extra ambitious (and probably already at your computer), you might as well throw together a quick wedding blog too.

Step 8: Plan your rehearsal dinner.

The rehearsal dinner is generally the night before your wedding and allows the wedding party to go over the ceremony lineup and and any other wedding-related events. Generally, the groom’s family plans the rehearsal, but it’s best to discuss who is planning (and paying) ahead of time.

Step 9: Finalize guest list and confirm details with vendors.

In the weeks leading up to your wedding, you should have a final head count. Give a finalized guest list to your caterer and create a seating chart if necessary. Confirm arrival times with vendors, and other details such as a list of shots for the photographer, and a song list for the band. Lastly, make any last minute payments to your vendors at this time.

Step 10: Get married!

The day is finally here! Don’t forget to pick up the dress and marriage certificate before hand. Then relax, and take a deep breath, because all of your hard work of planning is behind you as your get ready to embark on a new journey with the love of your life. Congrats!

Did you find this list helpful? Let us know in the comments! For a more detailed list, check out this step-by-step guide to planning the perfect wedding, next.

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